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Reel Fishing Stories

Capt. Guy and I had a great weekend on the water! 


Fished from Friday - Sunday and had a great time catching a load of huge fish that will make for many great meals!  


If you're looking for a great time fishing, this is definitely your ticket for a great experience!


Karl Myers

sunset while fishing.jpg

Fish Kewaunee provided an unforgettable experience for my Grandfather, Father, and me. Typically it's just my Grandpa and I putting lines in the water, but my dad decided to give fishing a try on this expedition. 


I never thought I would see him smile while holding a rod and reel, he's the type you'd typically find reading or watch Star Trek. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but he's just not the normal outdoorsy guy. Boy did he smile out there on Lake Michigan though! 


Our guide, Guy, was incredibly knowledgeable of the lake and knew exactly where to go and cast out. We reeled in over 40lbs of fillets. Guy made the experience fun but also knew how to put his foot down and communicate what to do to keep lines from getting crossed and tangled when reeling in our fish. With his guidance, not a single fish made it off our hooks. 


The fishing was fantastic, to say the least, but the experience for 3 generations of my family was something I know none of us will ever forget. 


Thank you, Guy and Fish Kewaunee Charters.

Steven Bickford

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