We have stepped it up yet another notch! 


Meet SalesmanShip IV, at a whopping 39.5’ long and a few inches shy of 14’ wide she is one of the finest fishing vessels available on the market today. 


A Tiara 3600 Convertible with all the trimmings to make your Lake Michigan experience unforgettable.  She has a full living room and kitchen area, a full bathroom with a sink, and a fishing deck that is literally bigger than most people's boats. 

With twin 454’s and 700 horsepower, she gets us to the fishing grounds in no time, and she has air conditioning for those hot/humid days, and heat for those chilly mornings and a screen door to keep those nasty flies outside where they belong. 

We can now make fresh coffee and heat up breakfast at sea as well!! 

No expense has been spared this time around!  She has all the safety gear you could imagine, new fishing graphs, new GPS units, and full radar as well.